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Centro Hispano Student 

"I am so happy to have been part of this program [Mi Hermano Mayor]. My favorite part of the program was my teacher Diana, who helped me with everything I needed. She was always so nice and really good at explaining my Math and Science homework. One of the tutors, Eileen, was also really helpful when I had important projects and essays that we had to hand in. Thank you so much to everyone in the program for helping me get through the year and teaching me how to study and be more responsible and independent."


Centro Hispano Student

“This program [Mi Hermano Mayor] really helped me out a lot. My homework got a lot easier. It was really exciting to see my really good grades at the end of every quarter and it was really nice not having to go to summer school too!” 

Nela Ordoñez 

 Current Centro Hispano ESL Teacher

“I am a retired teacher that now teaches English as a Second Language for adults at El Centro Hispano. I am very proud to say that I am a student in El Centro’s Advanced computer class on Wednesday evenings. I am very grateful to El Centro Hispano for giving me the opportunity to improve my skills and expand my capacities as an instructor. Everything that I have learned in class has helped me to enhance my own classroom techniques to help my students.

My lesson plans are now more technology oriented and I use as much as I can of the methods taught in El Centro’s Technology Center to ensure that my students learn as much and as best as they can. Now, thanks to El Centro’s computer classes, I can offer English classes via Zoom. I am very grateful to everyone at El Centro, especially my computer instructors Diego, Marcovinicio, and Natalia. I am very excited to continue taking computer classes at El Centro. I highly recommend this program!”

Lina Tapia 

Computer Classes Online

“I have been involved with El Centro Hispano since 2019, when I decided to sign up for their Beginner Computer Classes. These classes helped me tremendously in perfecting my skills on the computer. I am now very comfortable at my job performing tasks on the computer. I have less challenges now and I feel so much more productive. During the closures, I signed up to take El Centro’s online classes and have been able to reinforce everything I learned in class.

Before getting involved in El Centro, I had heard about them through my job and by volunteering in my neighborhood. It was not until I had my own experience with them that I understood the amount of help this amazing organization provides our Hispanic community.


After taking the computer classes in person (a very special thank you to my teacher Ms. Keyla and her assistant Pedro), the staff at El Centro encouraged me to continue bettering my education by taking Accounting, ESL and Citizenship Classes. During the hardest months of the pandemic, El Centro helped my family with financial aid.


I am so grateful for everything El Centro has provided to me and others, but I am more grateful for the empathy, professionalism, and humanity that the staff show when helping us; they never make us feel judged.


Once again, thank you to El Centro for their help, knowledge, charisma, hard work and kindness.

Looking forward to the next classes!” 


Centro Hispano Student

“My favorite part about this program [Study Skills] is that I can see everyone on my computer. What I really like the most is that the activities we get assigned are a lot of fun and we have a chance to talk to other people and work together on our projects. I love being able to talk to my classmates without being scared of getting sick; I get to spend time with people even though its online. This program has taught me to be really organized and stay that way. Although I miss my classroom, my teacher always makes class really interesting and different. Thank you!”


Centro Hispano Student

“I like a lot of things about this program. My favorite part of the program [Culture through Technology] is that we get to play games with my classmates on Zoom. I always end up learning new things. My teacher is a lot of fun and I have so much fun working on different projects that require us to do some research. Those are the things I love most about this program.” 
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