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Technology Center


Our dream of having an inviting state-of-the-art Technology Center was made possible through numerous generous donations of funds, labor, materials, and services.  The groundbreaking for the Center took place on a rainy day in October, 2008. Rain is supposed to bring good luck and we think it did.  The Center was completed in a short time and opened for business in May of 2009.


On August 25, 2009, a cross section of local, county, and state  political, academic, and community agency representatives, Board members and staff, as well as El Centro Hispano clients participated in a ribbon-cutting ceremony officially inaugurating the center.  All the attendees enjoyed a sunny afternoon filled with typical guitar music from Latin America and delicious food.  



The Technology Center is the crown jewel in the complete renovation of El Centro Hispano offices and of St. Bernard’s Church’s Chapel Hall where so many of our events take place.  New office space, energy-efficient windows, a new heating system, and decorative changes both inside and out were also made.  Many of our clients donated their services with El Centro Hispano just paying for the materials.


The Technology Center has been in constant demand since the first class began on May 18, 2009 and Sunday is the only day when classes are not offered and the computers get some rest.  Every age group is represented in the classes from school-age children, to their parents, to other adults, and finally to senior citizens.



Our state-of-the-art Technology Center has been in constant demand since the first class began there in May, 2009.  It advances the workforce training goals of the County Executive Robert P. Astorino and we thank him for his steadfast support.

The Technology Center is open for instruction six days a week and serves adults, seniors and school-age children.  It is equipped with:


  • Seventeen computer stations

  • One laptop

  • One teacher work station

  • Interactive whiteboard

  • High speed internet access

  • Connectivity to the White Plains Public Schools 


The following courses were offered at the Center:


  1. Computer Classes for Adults and Seniors

  2. English as a Second Language and High School Equivalency Prep

  3. Culture through Technology Program& Study Skills Program

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