Scholarship Program

Since 1980, El Centro has awarded $498,350 in scholarship money to 556 deserving high school seniors. In 2020, 15 students benefited from the Scholarship Program. We are extremely proud of our unique program, which helps recipients with their post-secondary education. Students who are considered for scholarships must have both a Grade Point Average of 3.0 or higher and involvement in El Centro Hispano. They must complete an application form and write an essay. The essay and the student’s involvement at El Centro play an important role in determining how much money the Scholarship Committee allocates to each recipient.


This year, in addition to the above scholarships, El Centro Hispano has also awarded scholarships to the 15 college students who volunteer in the Lanza My Older Sister/My Older Brother (Mi Hermana Mayor/Mi Hermano Mayor) Mentoring Tutorial Program and Saturday Academy and to the 18 high school students who helped in the program during the 2020-2021 school year.



This is the 10th year that the college mentors/tutors have benefitted from these scholarships. El Centro has awarded $263,207 in scholarship money to 187 mentors/tutors.


Previous scholarship recipients have “paid back” their scholarship to El Centro Hispano in many ways – by successfully completing their post-secondary education, by contributing to El Centro Hispano when they begin work after college, and by serving on our Board of Directors (two of our current Board members are former recipients).

The Application Process



Every fall, Hispanic bilingual high school students complete an application form and write an essay.  In addition, the school they attend provides a transcript of their work (over the years, most scholarship recipients were students at White Plains High School). 


First each applicant’s submission is reviewed by staff to see if it has all the necessary information.  If there is a question as to whether a student is bilingual, it is checked by a call – in Spanish – to the student.  Then the work of the Scholarship Committee begins. 


The Scholarship Committee Review


The Scholarship Committee, which is comprised of contributors, White Plains High School staff, as well as El Centro Hispano staff, reviews each student’s packet making sure the students under consideration all have a Grade Point Average of 3.0 or higher.  They review the application form and read the essay written by the student.  The essays and the student’s involvement in El



Recognizing the Awardees


The decisions of the Scholarship Committee are kept confidential until a special ceremony usually held in early June at White Plains High School when the scholarships are awarded.  The students are also honored in front of their community at the end of the Sunday Spanish mass at St. Bernard’s Church.  The students receive a certificate of commendation and congratulations from their parents and the hundreds of people in attendance at the mass.