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Outreach, Counseling and Empowerment

Thousands of individuals and families come to the center each year seeking assistance in finding housing, looking for a job, completing applications, composing letters, notarizing documents, or having a document translated.

In 2018:

  • 2,100 new clients came to El Centro Hispano seeking some type of assistance. *

  • 5,159 unduplicated clients were served. *

  • 4,404 job referrals were made for jobs in White Plains and nearby communities. 781 to new clients and 3,623 to repeat clients. *

  • 5,570 housing referrals were made for available rooms, apartments, and studios in Westchester. 915 to new clients and 4,655 to repeat clients. *

  • 881 additional services were provided by our staff. Staff translated or notarized documents; filled out job/school applications; composed letters; and made phone calls on behalf of our clients to doctors, clinics, lawyers, schools, hospitals, employers, landlords, and social service agencies.


In 2018, El Centro Hispano provided a total of

14,145 services in the office or at other locations. **

2,200 clients received information and outreach about our services and programs.



*These numbers were calculated by counting individual client intake records which were completed by staff each time a service was provided.  They include some clients who sought El Centro’s assistance on more than one occasion.

 **This number was calculated by adding the individual clients for whom client intake records were completed and the clients served at special activities at which individual client intake records were not completed.

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White Plains, NY 10606

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Monday - Friday, 12 Noon - 7:00 p.m

       Isabel E. Villar, Founding Executive Director      

                   H. Judith Aucar, Deputy Director         

El Centro Hispano, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) tax- exempt organization.